About Our Boxes

More Than An Urn.  Somewhere For Cherished Memories.

Our boxes are specifically made to accommodate the standard option from crematoria in Australia and many other parts of the world. There is no need for decanting, the ashes box or tube fits comfortable into the bottom section of the memento box. This is useful when it comes to burying or scattering the ashes at a later date, as most people choose to do. The removable foam protective pad underneath the box in its packaging can be used to secure the contents.


The upper tray then sits on top of the lower section and is fastened with subtle finger screws. The top tray is deep enough to accommodate all manner of cherished personal effects, as well as items such as the order-of-service and the casket name plate.

Lastly, the box is supplied with a key in case the owner wishes the contents to remain private.

Most people scatter ashes at a later date or on an anniversary, after which the lower part of the box can be used to store further items or memories, such as photographs and letters. It can be a source of great comfort to have a special place where loved ones’ personal items can be kept together and accessed.

The interior section for the container storage measures 140mm (h) x 148mm (d) x 318mm (w). This comfortably fits both the tube and the brick containers used by crematoria.