About Us

Form and Grace boxes was an idea that came to me when I suffered the loss of a loved one and received the ashes back from the funeral director. They arrived in a standard plastic ‘brick” and were handed over to me in a plastic bag.

It is confronting enough to finally receive the cremation ashes – it seems like the last step in a bewildering process drenched in sorrow – to me it seemed so undignified and unceremonious.

I found out that many other people have gone through the same trauma and I thought there had to be another way that offered a more peaceful and reassuring experience.

I had other personal items that I wanted to gather together: mementos and photographs, a watch, other items that were special and that I felt had to be kept together, but I had nowhere to collect them.

I wondered how could my experience have been made better? I looked around for ashes urns, but they seemed old-fashioned and not at all suitable. And what to do with the precious mementos and personal effects? With 25 years’ experience in product design, I knew I could do something to help, and Form and Grace was conceived.

Bringing together clean contemporary design, with made-for-purpose storage and display areas, I hope you find the Form and Grace ashes boxes bring dignity to your personal situation.


Jason Kenah